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Oxygen - mighty multi media

Oxygen offers a range of traditional and new media skills - from web design and online marketing to broadcast video  & interactive multimedia production.

Having developed from a successful TV production company founded in the early 1980s, we have a wealth of experience and a deep history of achievement. 

Why work with us? We once interviewed the Chief Executive of BAe. He said " I like my colleagues to show a restless drive to better themselves' and their work'. That's how we like to think of Oxygen. Our team has a great mix of youth and maturity, a wonderful range of skills .. and a real desire to improve with every job.

Latest News from Oxygen

Oxygen for space!

Oxygen's team produced a feelgood video shown at the launch celebrations for an important new satellite – Hylas – and beamed around the world. Launched from Kourou, in French Guiana, Hylas is now in orbit 36,000 kilometres above the equator.

Oxygen Elements v1.0 released

Oxygen's Elements Software v1.0 is released.